Recently Discovered Flaw in Recording System Clouds Titles on Previously Foreclosed Properties

The modern system of mortgage refinancing and assignments created during the housing boom has left behind a wave of title defects on properties that have ever had a foreclosure in their history, due to a loophole in the property records recording system. This has been detected on a number of properties currently in foreclosure, and…

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Mortgage Lender Turned Foreclosure Attorney Has Been There

Foreclosure attorney Troy Doucet understands how it feels to experience foreclosure, and recommends homeowners explore their defenses before giving into the bank’s demands. After spending years working in the mortgage industry, Attorney Troy Doucet is pleased to announce the opening of his law firm that is dedicated to helping those facing foreclosure. Mr. Doucet’s involvement…

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eReal Estate Holdings, LLC, owner and operator of and, today announced the official launch of their third category-defining domain – ( This latest addition extends the Company’s online real estate platform into the massive global commercial real estate market. eReal Estate Holdings, LLC, owner and operator of and, today announced…

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Fight Foreclosure – Demand The Banks Produce The Note!

The banks have sold and resold mortgages so many times a huge number of banks no longer actually have any legal claim to property they foreclose on. It’s time we stop the banks from literally stealing property they have no right to take. They get away with it because most people have no idea the…

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Bailout & Stimulus for Banks and Wall Street Continue While Main Street Suffers. Mortgage Relief: Focus on the Cure and End the Cause.

Curtis Greco, Author and Economic Policy Analyst, continues to push the media envelope in his quest to offer solutions for addressing several critical economic policy issues. High on The Imperfect Messenger Foundation’s OnPoint Topics is the collapsing Residential Real Estate Markets and the Oppressive Mortgage Burden that fuels its failure. In a recent interview, Greco…

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Wall Street Fraud Watchdog Warns Investors About Economic Turmoil for 2011-12 & Says High Yield Real Estate Notes-Silver Should Beat the Street-with Specific Endorsements

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog continues to be extremely pessimistic about the short, or long term prospects for significant gains on Wall Street, given the realities of the U.S. or global economies. The group does not believe the Wall Street rally that occurred the week of September 12th is sustainable. The group is also convinced…

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RP Funding Advice to Home Buyers: Pick Your own Title Company

Delays, hidden costs can mean big trouble for buyers RP Funding, a direct lender known for advising consumers to shop for a mortgage has some more advice that can save consumers money, time and trouble when buying a home: shop for a title company. Because of recent abuses in the title industry, RP Funding is…

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Can the Truth in Lending Act help me?

Patricia Parker, Parker & DuFresne, – (904) 342-6652. Florida Foreclosure Defense Law FAQs: Disclaimer:

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Truth In Lending

Everything you need to know about the truth in lending form

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Miami Condominium Prices Rise for Third Consecutive Month

Sales of existing single-family homes in the Miami Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) rose 41 percent in October, from 546 to 769, compared to October 2010, according to the 25,000-member MIAMI Association of REALTORS and the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) systems. Sales of existing single-family homes in the Miami Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) rose 41…

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