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We Have Creative Solutions to a Bad Wrongful Foreclosure Situation – Which Many Foreclosures are and You Just Don’t Know It

Up to 80% of the time traditional or typical ways of stopping foreclosure do not work at all or these ways are very temporary solutions that buy the homeowner only a little bit of time before the lender eventually forecloses on the homeowner anyway. Click Here For More Information….


Foreclosure Help

The amount of foreclosed homes on the market is on the increase today! However, you don’t have to let your home join the foreclosed home statistics. Chat Today! Click Here

Qualified Written Requests

The bank must answer your questions about the loan and agreement; however, they don’t want to because the answers may reveal mistakes fraud, misrepresentations, unjust enrichment and a host of Truth in Lending disclosure violation and violations or other law like RESPA, HOEPA, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, etc…. However, they are required to answer your “Qualified Written Requests” and this can be used in your foreclosure or pre-foreclosure situation to bring the bank to the bargaining table.

Foreclosure Help

The number of foreclosed homes is on the rise. You need not let your home become a foreclosed home. Chat Today! Click Here

Special Rules and Workout Options

There are special rules or special rights that apply to different types of mortgages that when used properly can to help stop a foreclosure. There are special rules and rights that apply to variable rate mortgages, fixed rate mortgages, FHA, VA, and RHS mortgages and special workout options with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, VA, and RHS mortgage situations and tactics for the negotiation of pre-foreclosure workout agreements.

Knowing the best ways for how to stop foreclosure is critical when facing foreclosure and here at Help To Stop Foreclosure we can give you this type of important information that can help solve your how to stop foreclosure problems with real foreclosure answers. To let’s chat – Click Here!

Foreclosure Help

The number of foreclosed homes is on the rise. You need not let your home become a foreclosed home. Chat Today! Click Here

Stop Banks/Bankers, Creditors and Debt Collectors:

You can stop bankers, creditors and debt collectors from foreclosing and taking your home and property. There are typically numerous violations of the law in mortgage agreements closings and pre mortgage settlement activities. Don’t let the mortgage company get away with taking your home when you may have thousands of dollars due you in refunds and damages because of the mortgage company’s and debt collector’s mistakes and wrong doings.

You can stop foreclosure fast with our stop foreclosure solutions. Foreclosure help may be only a click or a phone call away, so let us help you stop foreclosure today yourself or with an attorney/lawyer! Click Here! Get your stop foreclosure help today!

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The total for bank foreclosure homes on the market is ever climbing today! Don’t have to let your home become a part of the bank foreclosure home statistics. Let’s Talk about it. Click Here to Chat


It is estimated by government studies that over:
40% of homeowners are due refunds over $1,400
20% of the refunds that are due range between $3,000 up to more than $9,000 or more
12% of people who own homes are due a refund of over $9,000
65% of escrow accounts are in violation or federal law because of holding balance overcharges.


Foreclosure Assistance

The quantity of bank foreclosure homes is climbing every day lately. Refuse to let your home become a bank foreclosure home, fight back.. Let’s Talk about it. Click Here to Chat

Your Mortgage can be Re-written

If there are violations in your mortgage agreement you can force the lender to re-write your mortgage agreement and this time to your benefit and not the mortgage company’s benefit.  When your mortgage is re-written it may include a significantly reduced principle and interest rate because of awards and refunds you are due as a result of the damages you receive because of the bank violations of the law in your situation. Get some Help To Stop Foreclosure Today!


Foreclosure Assistance

The amount of foreclosure homes on the real estate market is on the increase today! Yet, you don’t need to let your home join the foreclosure home statistics. Let’s Talk about it. Click Here to Chat about getting help for your Mortgage being Re-written when stopping foreclosure.

Stop Foreclosure Secrets

With foreclosure expert help people can learn many of the tips, tricks and traps the lenders use to trap people into foreclosures with predatory lending practices These practices are done by many bankers’ finance companies, creditors and debt collectors that do not want you to know about them.  But with expert help you can find these tricks the banker have used to get you into a loan that was not good for you which lead to your foreclosure.  Get Some Expert Help Today Click Here!


Foreclosure Assistance

The number of foreclosure homes is ever increasing today. Don’t let your home become a foreclosure home. Let’s Talk about it. Click Here to Chat

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Experts Help Stop Foreclosure Solutions Easy Fast Start Programs and Foreclosure Help

Bankers and Creditors Hope You Never Find Out

Bankers and other Mortgage creditors don’t want you to know that there are many, many foreclosure law(s), codes, rules and regulations that provide for your consumer or buyer protection and there are too many for them to follow and make the profits they really want to so they may cut corners and forget to comply with some or many of the regulations, by mistake of course! Creditors count on the ignorance of the people and that is how they are able to get way with being in violation of so many rules. They count on the fact the vast majority of the time people will not find out about the violations they have engaged in writing up and getting you to execute your agreement with them over your mortgage.

They also depend on the fact that there are few if any competent expert sources that know about these laws that people can seek help from to check on if the bank violated the law in there mortgage agreement and to what extent. Up until recently that may have been true, but now there are a few really good sources of expert help to wade through the banks smoke and mirror agreements and find their violations. Watson Lord & Watson’s Mortgage Foreclosure Relief and Elimination Program is one such source available to you.

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Avoid Foreclosure

Many people avoid foreclosures today by fighting the bank and winning and you can avoid foreclosure too! Let’s Talk about it. Click Here to Chat