We can help you sue the Lender, if you want to sue for free and clear title to your home in the midst of efforts to stop foreclosure and save your home.

With the amount of frequent law violations the lenders and servicers of your mortgage and loan typically engage in it is possible to have the number and/or severity of the violations add up so high as to warranty a judge or a jury to grant you free and clear title, i.e. good and clean title to your property.

There are times where the only real fair and equitable remedy for the homeowner is to sever the link between the mortgage loan and the lenders interest in the property due to failings on the part of the lender to demonstrate it (the lender) can overcome numerous technical requirements that must be met in order to foreclose, when those technical requirements are brought up/alleged by the homeowner in court to challenge the lenders right to sue.

Technical requirements placed on the Lender that restrict the lenders rights to foreclose can stem from asserting violations and/or failure to meet standards in several different areas e.g. Truth In Lending, HOEPA, RESPA, mortgage note requirements, etc…, and therefore the lender loses the privilege to sue and foreclose.

A homeowner has the right to demand all lender requirements needed to have standing to sue and foreclose be met and present at the time the Plaintiff/Lender started the foreclosure action and if the threshold for being able to lawfully sue is not met and the violations the lender has engaged in are sufficient to negate the Lender’s interest the homeowner can win good and clean/free and clear title.

Because of the nature and quantity of the numerous laws that govern mortgages if a homeowner alleges all or a great many of the possible violations that can be asserted against a lender and demands remedies for those damages the cumulative effect can put a lender in the positions of looking real bad and having acted in bad faith in the origination and servicing the loan and put the homeowner in great shape for obtaining damages and even the relief of clear title.

A default judgment against the Lender can be obtained and the recorded judgment can relieve the homeowner/victim of predatory lending of any duty to pay the mortgage, freeing his property of any lender mortgage liens and offsetting the note with the refunds and damages payable to the victim, thus satisfying the total principal of the note, and also in addition to that awarding attorney fees to the homeowner.

Getting clean title is not the norm but it is possible, Good – free and clear title can be won by a homeowner even in a foreclosure situation, so don’t let a bank that has committed numerous violations against you, and is liable to lose the interest in your property because of these violations, get away with breaking the law and still take your home.

Fight foreclosure and demand justice, you can win if not total clean title you could still stay in your home having won significant damages to offset your principal and be able to demand and get much better terms so your mortgage payments are a lot less, and yes even nothing – when possible.