Count the Costs of Doing Little To Nothing:

It can cost you much more to let the Lender win and foreclose than to fight and win.

Make sure you do something to stop your foreclosure. There are inexpensive ways to fight to stop foreclosure that are a lot less expensive then just letting your foreclosure go through.  The cost of fighting foreclosure can be a lot less than the cost of letting it go through and losing your home. Let’s look at the some numbers. The cost to fight your foreclosure with the Help to Stop Foreclosure experts helping you can be a lot less than the cost of doing nothing and letting your property be taken by the bank.

Now let’s look at the costs of letting your foreclosure go through without a fight.

For instance, many times for various reasons, people decide, or their attorney’s tell them, to stop paying their mortgage payments while fighting the bank in or out of court to stop foreclosure. Say your mortgage is $2000.00 and the court fight is 12 months that is $24000.00 saved for the time being.

This money can be saved up and used towards the settlement to stay in your home or used to pay down on an apartment if you have to move out or it can be used as a down payment on a new home when the time comes.

In Addition the money you paid on getting your mortgage on your home so you can eventually own it, the origination and closing cost are gone; we will just use the low figure of $3500 for example. Then the costs you put into fixing up your home say another $3500.00 for example, you may have paid more or less; add it up.  Then the amount of interest you paid on mortgage payment of the time you’ve been paying on the mortgage, say 1 year at $1500.00 per month that’s $18,000 dollars down the drain because you did not fight to keep you home.

Now, how about looking at the costs for putting down money for renting an apartment that you would not have to pay if you kept you home, say $3500.00.  Or if you want to buy another home in a few years you will pay those closing cost and origination fees again, say $3500.00 again. In Addition how about the money you will spend if you just renting the rest of your life that you will pay for rent that goes down the drain since you cannot pass the value on to you children or other loved ones like you can pass on your home and it’s value when you pass away, say about $100,000.00 in value you are spending on rent and cannot pass on to loved ones.

How about if you do decide to get another home in a few years, but you will pay considerable more interest because you have a foreclosure on your credit history. Over a 30 year mortgage it is estimated that someone that has not so good credit will pay about $100,000.00 dollars more than someone with good credit.

If you ad up how much it cost to just do nothing and be foreclosed on and go get an apartment or buy a new home it is – $24000.00 + $3500.00 + $3500.00 + $3500.00 +$18,000.00 + 100,000.00 = $152,500.00 more or less but a lot of money if you add it up for your particular circumstance.

To let the Help To Stop Foreclosure experts help you stop foreclosure cost as low as $600.00 down and $295.00 a month or $2400.00 on time.  Call Today! Right Away! Call 1-888-819-6554