People are down right upset about what the banks have done with their mortgages and refusing to do a mortgage settlement. Now there is another  outlet for complaints.

Mortgage Settlement Monitor Wants To Hear Your Gripes, But Don’t Expect A Helping Hand

Have a complaint about the bank managing your home loan? Joseph Smith, the former North Carolina banking commissioner charged with enforcing the  national mortgage settlement, would like to hear it.

On Thursday, Smith announced the launch of an online tool for attorneys and other advocates to report their clients’ mortgage servicing complaints.  There is also a tool for homeowners to lodge a complaint directly.

Deutsche Bank found to be lying to the government and gets off easy with 202 million mortgage settlement for civil fraud and recklessness.

Deutsche Bank to pay $202 million U.S. mortgage settlement

(Reuters) – A Deutsche Bank AG (DBKGn.DE) mortgage unit has agreed to pay $202.3 million to settle one of the biggest U.S. government civil fraud  lawsuits over reckless mortgage lending practices.

The bank’s MortgageIT unit admitted it had lied to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that loans it issued were eligible  for federal mortgage insurance when they were not, the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan said on Thursday. It said MortgageIT “repeatedly  submitted certifications that were knowingly or recklessly false.”

Bank of America promises to help over 200,000 homeowneras as a result of a national mortgage settlement this year.

BofA contacting homeowners under mortgage settlement

May 8 (Reuters) – Bank of America Corp on Tuesday said it has started contacting more than 200,000 customers who may be eligible for forgiveness of  a portion of their loan balances under a national mortgage settlement reached this year.

Potential candidates for this assistance will start receiving letters this week, and most of the letters will be mailed by the third quarter of  this year, the bank said. Qualifying customers will see their monthly mortgage payments reduced by an average of 30 percent, the second-largest  U.S. bank said.,0,7259591,full.story

Bankers admit to robo-signing documents and other what they are simply calling shortcuts. Yeah that’s right they are calling fraudulent activities  a shortcut now. Nonetheless, these major banks are paying a small fine of 25 billion as a mortgage settlement. A small price to pay for probably  trillions of dollars of fraud gotten away with.

For Some, ‘Frustration’ Over Mortgage Settlement

Earlier this month, a judge approved a settlement between five major banks and nearly all of the state attorneys general. The banks admitted to  taking shortcuts — or “robo-signing” documents — as they pushed through some foreclosures.

Most of the $25 billion settlement is supposed to go toward reducing mortgage payments for some troubled homeowners. But lots of other programs  have promised to help struggling homeowners in the past, and results have been disappointing.


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