Foreclosure Mediation From a Position of Strength for the Homeowner

In Florida judges are now dealing with the rampant foreclosure problems with a statewide mediation program. Florida’s Chief Justice Peggy Quince executed an order with regards to this. Click Here to see this order.

Should a homeowner in Florida or any other state decide to checkout mediation options in any mediation you have a better chance at having an outcome in your favor if you are in a position of strength. Homeowners can be in a position of strength in mediation with a bank if they have a report of all the violations that the bank has committed against the law, and against them as a homeowner.

You can get such a report and/or other paperwork you need to show the bank you are in a postion of strength and they must deal fairly with you or they could lose in court due to their violations of the law and their own breach of the mortgage contract.

Click Here for more information about how you can win against your bank in your state, with or without mediation.