Passion to Help Stop Foreclosure – My Story

Where My Passion To Help People Stop Foreclosure Came From – My Story

Your not alone many others, like myself, have gone through foreclosure; but you don’t have to lose your home like I did. 10 year ago I went into default and through a foreclosure and lost my home. I know what it is to go through the emotional stresses, fears, worries, family problems and social issues that go along with it. As a result of that experience and a few other things I became determined to learn the law and help other people defend their rights. So take action today and get foreclosure expert – foreclosure solutions assistance quick from someone who cares.

For the next several years after that experience I learned a lot about the law including in and out of court procedures to win disputes with banks and with governmental agencies, etc…. To my friends and family I became the local guy to go to for help with law research and the one to do paperwork and the man they would learn about the law from.

Since then I have become a “Next Friend” and quite the expert in teaching and helping people fighting banks and other entities, helping people win by doing the paperwork and research for them. A next friend is recognized by the Supreme Court of the United States of America as a non-attorney, non- bar member who does research and drafts paperwork for people, “… the preparation [of petitions] must never be considered the exclusive prerogative of the lawyer. Laymen … should be allowed to act as “next friend” to any person in the preparation of any paper or document or claim, so long as he does not hold himself out as practicing law or as being a member of the Bar. Johnson v. Avery, 1969.

Much to my dismay and surprise I found that there are ways to stop foreclosure and I did not have to lose my home. Well, as you can imagine that made me quite angry especially since there is nothing I can do about it now after all these years in my case. However, I determined that I can stop these guys/banker from taking advantage of other people like you because in the vast majority of the cases it is the banker/lender that is in the wrong not the borrower. Therefore, get foreclosure solutions assistance quick with somebody who really cares asap.

I have found so much great foreclosure law information and techniques and stop foreclosure answers, and the need is so great I decided I have to make this available to as many people as I can so that they have every chance not to go through what I went through in losing my home and all the social and family and credit problems that go with being foreclosed on. The information and service I provide can help you with stop foreclosure answers and turn things around and get your life back on track. Now is the time to Get foreclosure solutions aid immediately from people that wants to help you win today.

Now you know a little bit of why I have a passion to help you with stop foreclosure answers and created the Help To Stop Foreclosure ASAP – Over The Weekend Home Study Course. Get foreclosure solutions/Foreclosure Expert support immediately from somebody that wants to help you win as soon as possible. I want to help make sure you have a fighting chance to keep your home and stop the lender from getting away with violating the law and getting away with it and worst of all harming someone else, that being you, in the process like they harmed me. But you can’t have that kind of passion working on your behalf unless you give me a chance to help find some foreclosure answers for you. Give a foreclosure expert a chance today before it’s to late! Search out foreclosure solutions aid quick from people who really cares asap.


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