Foreclosure Fraud Again

Foreclosure Fraud Again – Yep, you read it right!

Hey folks, guess what there’s foreclosure fraud again – the financial giants have figured out another way to profit from fraud. Yep, after destroying communities across America with shady subprime loans, the mortgage industry has launched a new assault on our nations neighborhoods with a new foreclosure fraud.

Foreclosure Fraud Again – How?foreclosure fraud

Well, big banks are now outsourcing their foreclosure processing to law firms with a history of breaking the law to make a quick buck. Reports are that these scammers backdate signatures, forge documents, charge thousands of dollars in illegal fees and even foreclose on borrowers who haven’t missed a payment.  Like I said Foreclosure Fraud!

“Foreclosure mills,” as they are now known, have been around for years and they’ve become a huge problem as the mortgage crisis has worsened. It’s my understanding that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac created a need for these beasts decades ago to help them process large volumes of foreclosures fast and cheap. Not long after big banks wanted in on the action, and Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Bank of America starting sending foreclosures to these lowlife Foreclosure Fraud law firms by the tons.

Foreclosure Fraud – Why?

Banks choose to outsource dirty work to these Foreclosure Fraud firms for a reason. It takes literally weeks to process the  necessary legal paperwork to throw somebody out of their home. Cutting down the processing time can save a lot of money on legal bills. These Foreclosure Fraud mills cut costs by cutting corners. So, when they can’t gather the proper paperwork needed to kick families out of their homes, they simply fabricate it. Even worse, these Foreclosure Fraud firms illegally hold back documentation from borrowers looking to negotiate loan modifications with their banks. In effect, forcing borrowers out of their homes instead of allowing them to negotiate a deal with the bank. When borrowers actually do get things straightened out with these Foreclosure Fraud mills, the underhanded bankers slap them with huge illegal fees. Outrageous!!

If nobody holds anyone accountable, then anything goes: stealing, cheating, and lying, are very profitable. Well, don’t let this happen to you. Fight Back!! I have been helping people successfully ward off foreclosures and maybe I can help you too. I offer a Free No Obligation review of your mortgage documents.  Don’t just rollover, give me a call and take a stand against Foreclosure Fraud.

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Like I said don’t just rollover, give me a call and take a stand against Foreclosure Fraud.