Help To Stop Foreclosure ASAP – Over The Weekend Home Study Course

With Continual Help in the Days, Weeks or Months that Follow

Help to Stop Foreclosure is a program of the Watson Lord & Watson Next Friend Christian School of Law:

The Watson Lord & Watson Next Friend Christian School of Law easy to understand tutorials and other materials will briefly and quickly, in hours, go over the basic Christian foundations for our system of law and delve right in to the current laws and court procedures and processes that apply to stopping your foreclosure, so you can stop your foreclosure ASAP. If you are like most people after going over the materials just once you will learn and have a better understanding of the law in general and gain the know how to apply it to your need of stopping foreclosure. Acquire foreclosure solutions help quick with someone who cares today.

The multimedia (written, audio, and video) course materials provided you by Watson Lord and Watson contain expert research, drafted documents needed, and the fast and easy way to find out what you need to know to either do it yourself with expert help or assist your attorney in winning your case.  Among the materials are instructions given by a veteran attorney with over 20 years experience winning cases for people and years of experience helping people win by themselves pro se/in propria persona (pro per), sui juris without an attorney. So now you should acquire foreclosure solutions assistance fast with someone who is on your side as soon as possible.

The basic information you need can be reviewed in a very brief time period over a weekend. Then in the days, weeks and/or months to follow you will receive individualized continual experienced foreclosure expert help for stopping your foreclosure ASAP. Stopping foreclosure can be a complicated matter even for an attorney, that’s why you need people with years of experience and know how that can help and instruct you to give you the ability fight and win your case against the lender and stop your foreclosure. The Help To Stop Foreclosure expert program gives you the years of experience and expert foreclosure stopping help you need giving you the best opportunity to win your case ASAP. Yes, you can get a hold of foreclosure solutions assistance fast from someone who really cares.

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Why Chose Help To Stop Foreclosure To Stop Your Foreclosure?

You Need To Go With the Help To Stop Foreclosure Program


As a Part of Your Individualized Instruction


  1. Watson Lord & Watson’s Help To Stop Foreclosure Program will project manage your dispute and settlement.

Someone on the Help To Stop Foreclosure Team will call you each month to find out and address your questions and concerns.

The Stop Foreclosure solutions team will also call your attorney (if you have one) to check on the timeline of hearing and to help insure your attorney does not forget about deadlines and critical paperwork or critical hearings which forgetting can happen all to often. [So here you can find foreclosure solutions help quick with somebody that can aid you in winning as soon as possible, though there are no guarantees.]

  1. The Help To Stop Foreclosure expert team/instructor will draft the standard paperwork for you/your attorney that is needed to successfully prosecute and negotiate a dispute in or out of court.
  1. Watson Lord & Watson and associates have over seven years of helping people many times winning foreclosure settlements.
  1. Compare Prices: Get Your Own Attorney Yourself Or Go With One of The Help To Stop Foreclosure expert Programs

The Watson Lord and Watson Help To Stop Foreclosure expert Program can help you keep your costs for litigation and negotiations way down. Consider the low $600.00 down and $295.00 per month plan.

Normal Attorneys Fees are around $5000.00 down retainer fee and the typical foreclosure attorney will charge you about $150.00 and hour and up. If this type of attorney charges you for only 15 hours a month for work his office does on your behalf for each month that is $2250.00 a month you would be paying the attorney. That is $1955.00 more per month than the Help To Stop Foreclosure Program charges.

If your foreclosure dispute lasts for 10 months (and many go up to 18 months or more and some less) at $2250.00 a month and $5000.00 retainer fee your are paying the attorney $ 27500.00 ( many times it can be much higher in the 50k range and up).

With Watson Lord and Watson you pay only $600.00 down and $295.00 a month for 10 months, that’s $2950.00 + 600.00 = $3550.00, and maybe a 1000 to 3000 hybrid contingency fee for the attorney. Sometimes the attorney will work on full contingency. Therefore, with Watson Lord & Watson you pay between $3550.00 to $6550.00. That is $23950.00 to $20950.00 less you can pay with Watson Lord and Watson. Don’t worry your attorney will get paid from the other side when you win as most do.

  1. We are committed to helping you and/or your attorney take the path to a successful settlement in your favor. There may be no better time to fill out the form above at top and get your help with foreclosure answers from a foreclosure expert(s)

Many times attorney’s offices are to busy, over worked and understaffed and they can miss things that may be important to a good settlement in your favor. We can help you and your attorney (or just you if your handle the dispute yourself pro se) by giving you and the attorney hearing and deadline reminders and doing research and drafting important documents to help insure you are covered and on track.

Of course, Watson Lord & Watson cannot be responsible for all problems and mishaps that may occur, but a foreclosure expert can help a great deal in keeping them to a minimum that way you have the best chance of having a successful outcome ASAP.


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