Bankers and Creditors Hope You Never Find Out

Bankers and other Mortgage creditors don’t want you to know that there are many, many foreclosure law(s), codes, rules and regulations that provide for your consumer or buyer protection and there are too many for them to follow and make the profits they really want to so they may cut corners and forget to comply with some or many of the regulations, by mistake of course! Creditors count on the ignorance of the people and that is how they are able to get way with being in violation of so many rules. They count on the fact the vast majority of the time people will not find out about the violations they have engaged in writing up and getting you to execute your agreement with them over your mortgage.

They also depend on the fact that there are few if any competent expert sources that know about these laws that people can seek help from to check on if the bank violated the law in there mortgage agreement and to what extent. Up until recently that may have been true, but now there are a few really good sources of expert help to wade through the banks smoke and mirror agreements and find their violations. Watson Lord & Watson’s Mortgage Foreclosure Relief and Elimination Program is one such source available to you.

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