Produce The Note – Can Help You Stop Foreclosure

Produce The Note is a new way to legally stop a foreclosure seen on good morning america where home owners are demanding the banks that are foreclosing produce the note. This is to ensure that they legally are the ones that are the ones who have the note to foreclose your home. …

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Problems with Predatory Lending

ACORN Financial Justice Center Director Austin King takes on Fox Business News hosts in a debate on the cause of the mortgage crisis.

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Kramer Law: Bank of America Enters Negotiations to Request Amnesty for Admitted Wrongdoing of Past Mortgage Abuses

According to Kramer Law, the bank is hopeful to settle for millions instead of billions and avoid criminal prosecution. The Huffington Post is reporting that, “Federal and state prosecutors are in advanced negotiations with Bank of America in pursuit of a settlement that would forgive the bank for a broad range of past mortgage abuses…

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Facing Foreclosure, Bank Reimburses Fla. Couple

A Fla. couple finally got thousands of dollars in reimbursement from Bank of America by threatening the bank with foreclosure. The long legal battle actually began when the bank wrongly foreclosed on the couple’s home. (June 6)

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Nomis Solutions Releases Nomis Score for Price Sensitivity Estimation

Nomis Solutions releases Price Sensitivity Score for US and Canadian banking customers enabling banks to make better marketing and pricing decisions. Use of the Nomis Score results in more competitive pricing and 10 to 20 percent increased profit per customer for early adopters. Nomis Solutions, the leading provider of Pricing and Profitability Management solutions for…

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Cole’s Credit Repair explains her service to help you increase your credit score

[email protected] -LOWEST Rates! FREE Consultation Skype:CourtneyColetv Phone: 1-888-247-9481 Cole’s Credit Repair Uses the Fair Debt Collection Reporting Act to FIGHT FOR YOU Are you a victim of bad credit? Don’t know what to do? For those who need a credit repair overhaul, please contact me immediately. Find out how to stop those harassing phone calls…

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Recently Discovered Flaw in Recording System Clouds Titles on Previously Foreclosed Properties

The modern system of mortgage refinancing and assignments created during the housing boom has left behind a wave of title defects on properties that have ever had a foreclosure in their history, due to a loophole in the property records recording system. This has been detected on a number of properties currently in foreclosure, and…

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Mortgage Lender Turned Foreclosure Attorney Has Been There

Foreclosure attorney Troy Doucet understands how it feels to experience foreclosure, and recommends homeowners explore their defenses before giving into the bank’s demands. After spending years working in the mortgage industry, Attorney Troy Doucet is pleased to announce the opening of his law firm that is dedicated to helping those facing foreclosure. Mr. Doucet’s involvement…

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eReal Estate Holdings, LLC, owner and operator of and, today announced the official launch of their third category-defining domain – ( This latest addition extends the Company’s online real estate platform into the massive global commercial real estate market. eReal Estate Holdings, LLC, owner and operator of and, today announced…

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Bailout & Stimulus for Banks and Wall Street Continue While Main Street Suffers. Mortgage Relief: Focus on the Cure and End the Cause.

Curtis Greco, Author and Economic Policy Analyst, continues to push the media envelope in his quest to offer solutions for addressing several critical economic policy issues. High on The Imperfect Messenger Foundation’s OnPoint Topics is the collapsing Residential Real Estate Markets and the Oppressive Mortgage Burden that fuels its failure. In a recent interview, Greco…

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