Facing Foreclosure: You Are Not Alone Nor Without Help

Mortgage Brokers Association statistics show that at the end of 2009, there were about 2.4 million loans foreclosing with about another 2.6 million heading that way being 90 days or over past due.

Further, the Bureau of Labor statistics that posts national unemployment at 9.7 percent is a huge understatement since it does not take important factors into account, like the number of former full-time workers that are now in part-time positions and can’t afford their previous lifestyles and therefore mortgages. It also does not take into account other people that are so discouraged with looking for a job that they have given up actively seeking one; nor does is account for the 6.3 million unemployed people without work for six months or more.

So if you are facing foreclosure as you can see you are not alone. But best of all there is help that can work with you to stop foreclosure fast.

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