Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure time – That is the Foreclosure Law Question

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Many people will ask a foreclosure expert if a deed in lieu of foreclosure or more properly “deed in lieu of foreclosure” is right for them to stop foreclosure. Well, that depends on the situation and the foreclosure law or laws that apply to your circumstances.

Is Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure Really the Best Solution for You?

If you are one that just wants to leave your home, and/or can easily leave and go somewhere else, then it may be a good choice for you.

deed in lieu of foreclosureMost people can’t easily uproot and leave and would rather fight for their home, if they knew they had a fighting chance.

Foreclosure law is on the homeowner’s side, so most people who do want to save their home, and not do a deed: lieu of foreclosure, do have a fighting chance but need the help of a foreclosure expert.

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“Help To Stop Foreclosure” has the foreclosure expert help that you need to assist you with pinpointing the foreclosure law or laws that can best help you stop foreclosure. This can help save you from doing a deed in lieu of foreclosure and losing you have when you can save it if that is what is best for you.

You can watch the video below which explains a little about a deed in lieu of foreclosure then Click Here for help to stop your foreclosure.

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Obama Innovation Fund: Will It Help Stop Your Foreclosure?

It appears a new Obama “Innovation Fund” program is setting aside $1.5 billion to help stop foreclosure in California and four other states hardest hit by foreclosure.

The word on the street is that this is likely to do little to nothing to help the actual homeowners. It will probably in reality just pay the administrative costs of running the program manned with people talking with homeowners about the same old tired stuff that does not really stop foreclosure and/or help one work things out with the lender.

There is expected to be only a small number of homeowners helped by the fund as with all of the other government bailouts of late. Big government is help by getting more people working for, and dependent on the government for their new job, bankers are bailed out and given bailout or admin money for which the bank is beholden to the government, but homeowners are left without much relief at all.

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Get Help to Protect Your Investment and Stop Foreclosure

Your mortgage should come first over other debts.

That is the advice of many financial experts. Prioritizing your debt and identifying frivolous expenses can help you if you’re facing foreclosure or attempting to prevent it.

A mortgage is an investment that one needs to protect. A lot of time and money and labor went into you home and mortgage to you need to protect what you have worked so hard for.

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Banks are Foreclosing at a Faster Rate than the Obama Administration can Handle – Get Other Help Here Fast

Banks are foreclosing on American homeowners at a much faster rate than the Obama administration’s effort to stop the crisis can handle.

Though the Treasury Department’s Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP, has now started their mortgage modification process on nearly 760,000 homeowner’s properties that are at risk of being taken, less than 5 percent of the workouts have actually become a permanent fix, government data shows. So for ninety five percent of those in trouble it is something of a false hope.

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Foreclosure Mediation From a Position of Strength for the Homeowner

In Florida judges are now dealing with the rampant foreclosure problems with a statewide mediation program. Florida’s Chief Justice Peggy Quince executed an order with regards to this. Click Here to see this order.

Should a homeowner in Florida or any other state decide to checkout mediation options in any mediation you have a better chance at having an outcome in your favor if you are in a position of strength. Homeowners can be in a position of strength in mediation with a bank if they have a report of all the violations that the bank has committed against the law, and against them as a homeowner.

You can get such a report and/or other paperwork you need to show the bank you are in a postion of strength and they must deal fairly with you or they could lose in court due to their violations of the law and their own breach of the mortgage contract.

Click Here for more information about how you can win against your bank in your state, with or without mediation.

Foreclosure Solutions the Place for Bankruptcy Tactics P5

There is a place for bankruptcy in stopping foreclosure according to many foreclosure experts

Finding good foreclosure solutions is best for everyone and bankruptcy has a place. Bank foreclosures on homes are extremely costly to both the borrower and lender. To be blunt, lenders are in the business to make money and not use to peddling real estate, so they are likely to look for the easy way out of a default situation on a home.

If the bankers see that the foreclosure process is not going easy because the homeowner is fighting the foreclosure with bankruptcy and law suits, counterclaims and complaints of various sorts, the banker will be more likely to eventually want to negotiate fairly with the homeowner/borrower and settle the matter in the homeowner’s and/or borrower’s favor.

Bankruptcy is one of the dilatory foreclosure solutions or tactics that does stop everything for a while, and it buys you a little more time to develop a more permanent solution. Multiple bankruptcies have been used to delay foreclosure for years by some.

Unless you are one of the bankruptcy foreclosure experts within a few months to a year or so, depending on the banker’s counter measures, the end result of bankruptcy is almost always that the property is still sold at auction and of course you also now have a bankruptcy on you credit report as well as a foreclosure.

However, if you need a few weeks or months to develop good long lasting foreclosure solutions to stop your foreclosure filing bankruptcy initially may be the way to go.  Then once you have gained the time from filing bankruptcy to have one of the foreclosure experts put together a good case for you to fight and probably beat the bank in court you can file your case before or after the bank obtains a release of your home from the bankruptcy in the bankruptcy court.

Produce the Note Defense

Produce the Note Defense

The Produce the Note defense for stopping foreclosure has gained a lot of interest. Homeowners are seeking for ways that they can get the upper hand on the lender foreclosing and stop foreclosure.



When homeowners use the Produce the Note defense they are requiring that the lenders prove up the claim that they have the right to foreclose. The lender is the one asserting that it is the holder in due course with rights to foreclose by the very act of foreclosing; therefore, the burdens of proof is placed upon the lender to show proof, if it is demanded by the borrower/homeowner.

However, it is the homeowners job to assert their rights to the lender having the original note to prove standing as holder in due course and if the homeowner does not exert their right to require the original note be produced the homeowner is in effect waving the right to requiring the lender to produce the original note and the homeowner’s right is lost if not exercised.

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Debt Elimination Can Help with Stopping Foreclosure Or Relieve Other Money Issues

Eliminating Debts Can Help with Stop Foreclosure Or Relieve Other Money Issues

For many people reducing their expenses and debts can help them to have enough money to not get behind or even catch up on their mortgage and stop foreclosure or to help them Relieve Other Money Issues.

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