Loan Modification

Loan Modification – Does It Really Work?

Recently in a hearing, called by the bipartisan Congressional Oversight Panel, which was given the responsibility of monitoring the government’s foreclosure bailout programs, the panel members pounded the Treasury Department for the shortcomings in its mortgage loan modification process.  This hearing came only days after a report issued from the inspector general showed the agency’s efforts didn’t have clear benchmarks and fell horribly short of its original goals.

Despite early expectations that the Home Affordable Modification Program would assist millions of troubled Americans rework their loans and keep their homes, the loan modification program thus far has resulted in fewer than 500,000 permanent loan modifications. While this is significant, it pales when compared with the more than 7 million homes facing foreclosure.

Loan Modification Program – Falling Painfully Short Of Expectations

Panel member Richard Neiman, superintendent of banks for the state of New York, stated the loan modification program has “fallen far short of our hopes.” J. Mark McWatters, another panel member, an attorney and accountant, said the administration had “failed to provide meaningful relief to distressed homeowners” and that its original projections had generated false hopes and expectations in that the loan modification program would help far more homeowners.Loan Modification

Phyllis Caldwell, head of the Treasury Department’s homeownership preservation office, took up for the Obama administration efforts, saying that the impact of its foreclosure mitigation programs should not be judged by the number of permanent loan modifications alone.

Loan Modification – Trial Program

She said a trial loan modification – which consists of three months of reduced mortgage payments – have given families desperately needed time and space, even if they don’t become permanent. She also said the Treasury Department is changing and expanding the loan modification programs in hopes of reaching more troubled homeowners.

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Loan Modification – is it worth the trouble?

Fighting Foreclosure

Fighting Foreclosure – Don’t Just Roll OverFighting Foreclosure

How long will it be before the nightmare of home foreclosures is over? Ask Mike Dillon, who’s been fighting foreclosure to keep his New Hampshire home for the majority of the past decade.

Mike did miss 2 payments in 2002, he then caught up and was current on his loan by later that year, that’s when his mortgage problems started and he began fighting foreclosure on his home.

Fighting Foreclosure – How It Can Start

The story is his loan servicing company did not properly credit his monthly payments to his account and it placed the loan in default. As he fought to straighten out the bookkeeping, even with canceled checks for proof, the servicer began adding additional fees for property inspections, insurance and other charges.  That’s how the nightmare can begin and fighting foreclosure starts in many cases.

A New Hampshire judge, in 2005, agreed that the servicer’s “sleight of accounting resulted in improper assessments” against Mike and, citing a “predatory scheme of penalties,” barred the foreclosure and ordered that the loan be reinstated without penalties as of August 2005.

Fighting Foreclosure – Does It Ever End?

Understandably, Mike probably thought the fighting foreclosure battle would end.

Well kinda, 5 years later, Mike Dillon is still in court fighting to resolve the dispute. While he is no longer fighting foreclosure, he is still is trying to get clear title to his home. “I’ve got nine years of my life tied up in this case, and it’s done a lot of financial and emotional damage to me,” said Dillon. “This isn’t about money in the long run. This is about the principle of the issue — somebody tried to steal my house.”

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Fighting Foreclosure – You Can Do What Mike Did – You can do it Yourself.

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