What Are Your Rights Facing Foreclosure?

foreclosure rightsWhat Are Your Foreclosure Rights?

When you are facing foreclosure, it can feel like you do not have any foreclosure rights at all. So, exactly what are your foreclosure rights? And even more importantly, after finding out what your foreclosure rights are, how can they help you save your home?

Foreclosure Rights Vary

Foreclosure rights vary from state to state and it all depends on the laws in your particular state to know what your foreclosure rights are.  Therefore, the first thing that you must do is to find out what the laws are for your state to know what your foreclosure rights are.  Does your state have a judicial or non-judicial process? How quickly does your states process move? What about, right of redemption? All these are questions that you need to know so you can really understand what your foreclosure rights are and how the process is going to work.

You May Have Some Foreclosure Rights Answers, You May Not

OK, you may have answers; now how do you use what you have found out about your foreclosure rights to save your home? Let’s say the process is judicial, this is a good thing because you have more time to work out a solution. Let’s say it is a non-judicial process, well you will need to move  swiftly.  What about a right of redemption period in your state? If there is one, you can get your home back even if it has been sold. Why? Because the right of redemption allows you to gather all of the money owed the bank in order to get your home back and/or is affords you time to take other actions at law against to get you home back. These are very needed pieces of information to know regarding your foreclosure rights.

I know you want to save your home and to do so  in my opinion you must understand your foreclosure rights and how the process works and what the timelines are. The timelines are extremely important because if you move too slowly or ignore your problem, you could lose your home and not get it back.

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Do you know what your Foreclosure Rights?