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Foreclosure Expert Short Sales

Many a foreclosure expert says that Short Sales are the way to go to stop a foreclosure as one of their preferred foreclosure solutions. Others like myself contend that much of the time is does not work and the bank has little motivation to do a short sale unless the banker/lender finds that you are one of those few homeowners that have found out about the bank’s violations of the law and can fight them on it and possibly win.

Once the banker knows that you are a homeowner that has found out about the fact that the bank has breached the mortgage and promissory note contract long before you did and violated laws in the process then the lender has more motivation to be fair with you and do something like a short sale to stop the foreclosure process.

However, like many, if you are not satisfied with the bank getting your home that you worked so long and hard for, to keep, as one of your preferred foreclosure solutions, then you can also use the information that you gained in finding out about the bank’s violations to possibly stop the bank foreclosure and keep your home, and not have to do a short sale. Power is put back in your hands once you are armed with the information that bank hopes you never find out about that can stop your foreclosure.

Here at Help To Stop Foreclosure you can get the information on the lender’s violations and the other help you may need to fight for your property and motivate the banker to do a short sale or even redo you loan so you can stay in you home.

At Help To Stop Foreclosure I offers you a free conversation and help over the phone with an expert and/or preliminary audit of your paperwork to see if I can help you. Check out your options for foreclosure solutions; get the help you need today. Give me a call or fill out the email form and I will call you back to discuss your particular circumstance before it’s to late. Call (888) 819-6554 or fill out the Stop Foreclosure Help email form, Click Here —>>


Foreclosure Expert Short Sales Video:

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