5 Tips from a Short Sale Expert that Could Save a Home

Millions of Americans are faced with the possibility of foreclosure yet do not realize they have definite and reliable options to save their home. A nationally renowned Short Sale expert offers 5 concrete tips that could help save one’s time, credit and home.

Millions of Americans are faced with the possibility of foreclosure yet do not realize they have definite and reliable options to save their home. Short sales expert, Eli Tene is working to inform distressed property owners of these viable alternatives, the foremost being a short sale transaction.

“We have seen a wave of 100% financing, refinancing and cashing out beyond the real affordability level of the buyer in the last few years,” said Tene, CEO of I Short Sale Inc. “Buyers are taking cash out of their properties as casually as if they were making an ATM withdrawal.” Tene explains that, unfortunately for the buyer, payday comes at a time when they are least prepared for it. “Mortgages used to be up to 25% of your total income. We now see in many cases that the mortgage is 60, 70 and 80% of the buyer’s total income. There is no way to survive it. Any slight change in your life or income immediately affects your ability to pay,” says Tene.

I Short Sale Inc. has seen a dramatic increase in distressed property owners opting for a short sale rather than letting their home go into foreclosure. The real estate market is just now “catching on” to this wave of alternative and creative financing options; however, Tene has been facilitating short sales for over 16 years.

Most property owners who find themselves unable to pay their mortgage still have opportunities to preserve their home and protect their credit. Tene offers five tips that could save your home:

1.    Talk to your lender as soon as possible. Don’t wait to go further into delinquency. Time works against you. Once your payment is overdue, your opportunity to get the lender’s cooperation declines.

2.    Don’t be afraid of your lenders. The lender is in the lending business, not the real estate business. They do not want your property. They want to work with you to ensure the loan is paid.

3.    Beware of scam artists. Predatory lenders and distress opportunity scammers often target people in financial distress. They try to force you, in a time of panic, into high cost mortgages, which increase your financial problems and the risk of losing your home. Predatory lenders usually offer loans with hidden fees and rate increases. Be aware of “magicians” who pitch dream solutions that sound too good to be true. If it sounds too good to be true, the dream will likely become a nightmare. There are no magicians in this industry. Don’t agree to promises that are unrealistic. Look for a real solution.

4.    If your loan is insured by the department of Housing and Urban Development or the FHA, you may be eligible for a one-time payment to bring your mortgage payment current.

5.    Don’t try to negotiate a “short sale” on your property by yourself. When you are sick, you go to the doctor. When you go to court, you take a lawyer. For a successful short sale, seek professional advice. In most cases, you will have ONLY ONE chance at a successful negotiation with your lender.

I Short Sale, Inc. has assisted thousands of property owners and a large number of lenders in the intricate and sensitive business of short sales, modifications, forbearances, deeds in lieu and other creative financing solutions. For over 16 years, the company’s principals have developed solid experience and created an extensive network of contacts with lenders, realtors and property owners. The purpose of short sales, as well as the other financing solutions I Short Sale provides, is to help property owners and lenders avoid the lengthy and costly process of foreclosure, the stressful act of eviction and the REO sale that follows.



Posted On: Woodland Hills, CA February 12, 2007